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Chase On Two Wheels

Motovlogger, Motorcycle Rider, and filmmaker. Chaseontwowheels brings you professional gear reviews, first rides, documentaries and basically anything two wheel related. With nearly 900k subscribers, he has been a leading force in the motovlogging community.

I has been my pleasure to work with Chase on a number of projects so far. I reached out at the right time in late 2017 and got the opportunity to do bran his new documentary series Any Ridden Sunday. After working our way through ARS, Chase asked me back to rebrand season 3 of Wrecked Bike Rebuild (A motorcycle education and rebuild series). I watched season 1 and 2 and jumped at the chance to rebrand WBR and create badges for Patreon subscribers.

Recently Chase contacted me to rebrand a couple more projects. First Ride (First rides on various motorcycles) and Moto Gear Show (Previously First Fits. Reviews of helmets, gloves, accessories and more.). I created the logos and illustrated various pieces of gear to set the tone for each series.

  • Chase On Two Wheels
  • Motovlogger
  • Art Direction + Illustration + Apparel
  • Late 2017 - Present
Wrecked Bike Rebuild Garage Full Color Sign
Wrecked Bike Rebuild Garage Full Color Sign