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Brian Orakpo (NFL Player)


Product Design / UI/UX


March 25, 2020

Athlete Connect Mobile App


Athlete Connect identified critical challenges within the existing framework of high school football recruitment, prompting the need for a dedicated mobile app solution. The complexities in the recruitment process were multifaceted and impacted both players and coaches:

  • Lack of Centralized Platform for Player Exposure
  • Inefficient Talent Identification for Coaches
  • Communication Barriers Between Players & Coaches
  • Complexity in Event Coordination
  • Underutilization of Multimedia in Player Profiles

By addressing these issues, the Athlete Connect app aimed to revolutionize the recruitment landscape, offering a centralized, efficient, and technologically advanced platform for players and coaches alike. The goal was to bridge the existing gaps, enhance communication, and provide a robust solution that would elevate the recruitment experience for all stakeholders involved.


In the process of designing the Athlete Connect app, several unique design challenges were encountered that required innovative solutions to enhance the overall user experience and achieve the project's objectives:

  • Balancing Visual Appeal with Information Density
  • Creating an Inclusive Design
  • Seamless Multimedia Integration
  • Intuitive Navigation for Complex Workflows
  • Maintaining Consistency Across Platforms
  • Encouraging User-Generated Content
  • Effective Communication Design
  • Emphasizing Trust and Credibility

By successfully addressing these design challenges, the Athlete Connect app aimed to deliver an engaging, user-centric, and visually appealing experience that met the unique demands of the high school football recruitment landscape.


  1. Develop a user-friendly mobile app for high school football players to create profiles, showcase their skills, and express their interest in higher-level training.

  2. Create a platform for coaches to easily discover and connect with talented players, streamlining the recruitment process.

Research & Discovery

  1. User Interviews

    • Conducted interviews with high school football players, coaches, and recruitment officers to understand pain points and requirements.
    • Explored existing recruitment processes and identified gaps.

  2. Competitive Analysis

    • Analyzed similar platforms in the sports recruitment industry to identify best practices.
    • Evaluated user experiences and functionalities of existing apps.
Athlete Connect User Flows
Athlete Connect Mobile App


  1. Information Architecture
    • Developed a user-centric information architecture to ensure intuitive navigation for both players and coaches.
    • Defined user flows to streamline the process of creating profiles and initiating connections.
  2. Wireframing
    • Created low-fidelity wireframes to outline the basic structure and flow of the app.
    • Gathered feedback from stakeholders to refine the layout and features.

  3. Prototyping
    • Developed interactive prototypes to visualize the user experience and test the app's functionality.
    • Conducted usability testing to identify and address potential issues.

  4. Visual Design
    • Established a visually appealing and cohesive design language, incorporating the colors and branding of Athlete Connect.
    • Designed high-fidelity mockups for key app screens, ensuring a modern and engaging look.
Athlete Connect Mobile App
Athlete Connect Mobile App

Key Features

  1. Player Profiles
    • The ability for players to create comprehensive profiles showcasing their skills, achievements, and academic information.

  2. Video Uploads
    • Integration of a video upload feature for players to highlight their gameplay and skills.

  3. Search and Discovery
    • Powerful search and filter options for coaches to efficiently discover players based on specific criteria.

  4. Messaging System
    • In-app messaging system to facilitate communication between players and coaches.

  5. Event Calendar
    • Integration of an event calendar for showcasing recruitment events, training camps, and other relevant activities.
Athlete Connect Mobile App
Athlete Connect Mobile App
Athlete Connect Mobile App
Athlete Connect Mobile App


The implementation of the Athlete Connect app yielded a transformative impact on the high school football recruitment process, resulting in numerous positive outcomes for both players and coaches.

  1. Enhanced Player Visibility

    • Outcome: Players gained a centralized platform to showcase their skills, achievements, and academic prowess, significantly increasing their visibility to college and professional coaches.
    • Impact: Talented players who may have gone unnoticed in traditional recruitment channels now had a dedicated space to highlight their capabilities, fostering increased opportunities for higher-level play and education.

  2. Efficient Talent Identification for Coaches

    • Outcome: College and professional coaches experienced a streamlined recruitment process with powerful search and filter features.
    • Impact: Coaches could efficiently discover and connect with players who aligned with their team's requirements, reducing the time and resources traditionally spent on talent identification. This led to a more targeted and effective recruitment strategy.

  3. Improved Communication Channels

    • Outcome: The in-app messaging system facilitated direct communication between players and coaches.
    • Impact: Players gained a direct line to express their interest in higher-level training, and coaches could initiate conversations seamlessly. This improved communication accelerated the recruitment process and established meaningful connections between players and coaches.

  4. Centralized Event Coordination

    • Outcome: The integrated event calendar showcased recruitment events, training camps, and other relevant activities.
    • Impact: Players were informed about upcoming events, and coaches could efficiently organize and promote their programs. This centralized approach to event coordination resulted in increased participation and engagement from both players and coaches.

  5. Dynamic Multimedia Profiles

    • Outcome: Players could upload dynamic multimedia content, including videos highlighting their skills.
    • Impact: Coaches gained a more comprehensive understanding of players' capabilities beyond written profiles. The inclusion of multimedia enhanced the overall player profiles, making the recruitment process more engaging and informative.

  6. Positive User Adoption and Engagement

    • Outcome: The app successfully garnered active participation from players and coaches.
    • Impact: User onboarding strategies, gamification elements, and continuous improvement based on user feedback contributed to high levels of engagement. The positive user experience fostered a sense of community within the app.

  7. Security and Compliance

    • Outcome: Robust security measures and compliance with data protection regulations ensured the safety of user data.
    • Impact: Players and coaches could confidently use the app, knowing that their sensitive information was secure. This adherence to privacy standards contributed to the app's trustworthiness and credibility.

  8. Scalable and Future-Ready Solution

    • Outcome: The app demonstrated scalability to accommodate a growing user base.
    • Impact: As the user base expanded, the app continued to deliver a reliable and responsive experience. This scalability ensured that the platform could adapt to evolving demands in the high school football recruitment landscape.

In summary, the Athlete Connect app successfully addressed the initial problems and challenges, providing a comprehensive solution that positively influenced the recruitment experience for players, coaches, and other stakeholders. The outcomes highlighted a more connected, efficient, and user-centric approach to high school football recruitment, fostering opportunities for talent development and advancement.











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