Overseer Chrome Browser Extension


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August 25, 2020

Overseer Chrome Browser Extension


In the digital landscape, website performance is crucial for user engagement and overall success. However, monitoring website performance can be challenging without the right tools. To address this need, Overseer was developed as a Chrome browser extension. Overseer serves as a web analytics tool, scanning web pages and providing users with comprehensive site reports based on performance metrics.


Developing Overseer presented several challenges, primarily centered around accurately assessing website performance metrics within the limitations of a browser extension. This required extensive research into web performance indicators and the development of algorithms capable of analyzing web pages effectively. Additionally, ensuring a seamless user experience within the Chrome browser environment was a significant challenge.


  1. Empower users to monitor and optimize website performance effectively.

  2. Provide comprehensive site reports based on performance metrics.

  3. Enhance user understanding of website performance and its impact on user experience and business outcomes.

Design Process

  1. User Research: Conducted thorough research to understand user needs and pain points related to website performance monitoring.

  2. Persona Development: Created user personas based on research insights to guide design decisions and feature prioritization.

  3. User Flow Mapping: Developed user flows to visualize user interactions and prioritize key features.

  4. Iterative Prototyping: Engaged in iterative design process with frequent prototyping and user testing to refine the user interface and interaction design.

  5. Collaboration: Worked closely with developers to ensure seamless integration of design with the extension's functionality and algorithms.
Overseer Chrome Browser Extension

Key Features

  1. Performance Metrics: Provides users with detailed reports on website performance metrics, including page load time, server response time, and resource loading speed.

  2. Page Analysis: Offers insights into specific performance issues detected on individual web pages, such as image optimization opportunities and JavaScript errors.

  3. Customizable Settings: Allows users to customize performance thresholds and alerts to suit their specific needs and preferences.

  4. Integration with Chrome: Seamlessly integrates into the Chrome browser for easy access and real-time performance monitoring while browsing the web.


Since its launch, Overseer has received positive feedback from users, with many reporting improvements in website performance and user experience after implementing optimizations suggested by the extension. User engagement metrics indicate a high adoption rate, with a significant number of users regularly utilizing Overseer to monitor and optimize website performance. Additionally, feedback from users has been instrumental in identifying areas for further improvement and refinement of the extension's functionality.


  • Thorough Research: Comprehensive user research is essential for understanding user needs and shaping product features and functionality.

  • Iterative Design: Iterative prototyping and user testing help in identifying usability issues and refining the user interface to enhance user experience.

  • Collaboration: Close collaboration between designers and developers is crucial for ensuring seamless integration of design with the extension's functionality.

  • User Feedback: Embracing user feedback and incorporating user insights into product development processes is key to continuous improvement and refinement.


Users reported an average decrease of 20% in page load time after implementing optimizations suggested by Overseer.


Within the first three months of launch, Overseer achieved over 30,000 downloads from the Chrome Web Store.


Approximately 60% of users regularly utilize Overseer to monitor website performance, indicating a high level of user engagement with the extension.

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